At Serdao, I worked as a Team Lead on an eLearning project. My role involved deploying and building all plans from start to finish based on the customer’s initial idea. I was responsible for ensuring that the project met the customer’s requirements and was completed on time and within budget.

In this position, I managed a team of developers and designers, ensuring that they were working efficiently and effectively to deliver high-quality work. I provided guidance and support to team members, ensuring that they had the resources they needed to succeed in their roles.

One of the challenges of working on an eLearning project was dealing with network and facility issues. I was responsible for solving these problems, working with the team to identify the root cause of the issue and finding a solution that would allow us to move forward with the project. This required excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work well under pressure.

During my time at Serdao, I also had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills further. I learned how to manage project timelines, delegate tasks effectively, and communicate with stakeholders. I also ensured that the team was motivated and had a positive team culture, which helped us to work together more effectively.

In summary, my experience at Serdao allowed me to take on significant responsibility and develop my leadership skills. Working on an eLearning project was challenging, I am grateful for the experience that I had at Serdao and the skills that I developed while working there.


At Capgemini, I am currently working on developing internal tools for HR. The primary tool is based on Drupal, and I have been tasked with customizing it to better meet the needs of the organization. In addition to this, I have also been developing a custom tool on Symfony that is faster and more efficient than the primary Drupal project.

One of the key focuses of my work at Capgemini has been to develop automation tools that can help to streamline HR processes. I have written daily reports that can be generated automatically, eliminating the need for human communication and saving time for HR staff. These reports have been well-received by the organization, and have helped to speed up work and improve efficiency.

In addition to my work on the HR tools, I have also been focused on improving my technical skills. I have learned more about Drupal and Symfony, as well as other tools and technologies that are used in web development. This has helped me to become a more well-rounded developer, and to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Overall, my experience at Capgemini has been challenging and rewarding. I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and to develop my technical and professional skills. Developing internal tools for HR has been particularly interesting, as it has given me a chance to work closely with a business unit and to understand their needs more deeply. I am proud of the work that I have done at Capgemini, and I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and contribute to the organization’s success.