As a highly experienced software developer and team leader, I have had the opportunity to work for various renowned companies in the tech industry. One of my most significant experiences was at Egitech, where I had the chance to work as a bridge between Singapore and Vietnam.

During my time at Egitech, I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in various areas of software development, including Unit Test/Data Mocking, Code pattern and optimizing for high usage flow, CI/CD, Data synchronization, and much more. I was fortunate to work on some highly challenging projects, which allowed me to push my skills to the limit and expand my knowledge in new directions.

One of my main roles at Egitech was to optimize the entire workflow and system, which was no small feat. However, I was able to achieve this goal by working closely with teams in both Singapore and Vietnam, leveraging my expertise in software development to identify areas that could be improved and implementing innovative solutions that streamlined processes and increased efficiency.

Overall, my experience at Egitech was one of the most rewarding of my career. It allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills in a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment, while also giving me the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. I am confident that the experience I gained at Egitech will continue to serve me well in my future endeavors.


During my time at Aspire, I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the work and expand my knowledge in areas related to banking and security. As a developer, I was tasked with automating the client’s application review process based on reports from third parties. This involved using Laravel, a powerful PHP framework, to build custom tools and workflows that could streamline the review process and make it more efficient.

One of the key challenges in this project was ensuring that the application review process was secure and met all the necessary compliance requirements. To this end, I had to stay up to date with the latest security standards and best practices, as well as work closely with the Aspire team to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities.

In addition to my technical work, I also had the opportunity to collaborate with other team members and share my knowledge and experience with them. As a result, I was able to help mentor and train junior developers, which was a rewarding experience in its own right.

Overall, my time at Aspire was a valuable learning experience that allowed me to expand my skills and knowledge in new areas. By developing custom tools and workflows, automating the application review process, and staying up to date with the latest security standards, I was able to contribute to the success of the project and help Aspire deliver high-quality services to its clients.


At Serdao, I worked as a Team Lead on an eLearning project. My role involved deploying and building all plans from start to finish based on the customer’s initial idea. I was responsible for ensuring that the project met the customer’s requirements and was completed on time and within budget.

In this position, I managed a team of developers and designers, ensuring that they were working efficiently and effectively to deliver high-quality work. I provided guidance and support to team members, ensuring that they had the resources they needed to succeed in their roles.

One of the challenges of working on an eLearning project was dealing with network and facility issues. I was responsible for solving these problems, working with the team to identify the root cause of the issue and finding a solution that would allow us to move forward with the project. This required excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work well under pressure.

During my time at Serdao, I also had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills further. I learned how to manage project timelines, delegate tasks effectively, and communicate with stakeholders. I also ensured that the team was motivated and had a positive team culture, which helped us to work together more effectively.

In summary, my experience at Serdao allowed me to take on significant responsibility and develop my leadership skills. Working on an eLearning project was challenging, I am grateful for the experience that I had at Serdao and the skills that I developed while working there.


At Capgemini, I am currently working on developing internal tools for HR. The primary tool is based on Drupal, and I have been tasked with customizing it to better meet the needs of the organization. In addition to this, I have also been developing a custom tool on Symfony that is faster and more efficient than the primary Drupal project.

One of the key focuses of my work at Capgemini has been to develop automation tools that can help to streamline HR processes. I have written daily reports that can be generated automatically, eliminating the need for human communication and saving time for HR staff. These reports have been well-received by the organization, and have helped to speed up work and improve efficiency.

In addition to my work on the HR tools, I have also been focused on improving my technical skills. I have learned more about Drupal and Symfony, as well as other tools and technologies that are used in web development. This has helped me to become a more well-rounded developer, and to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Overall, my experience at Capgemini has been challenging and rewarding. I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and to develop my technical and professional skills. Developing internal tools for HR has been particularly interesting, as it has given me a chance to work closely with a business unit and to understand their needs more deeply. I am proud of the work that I have done at Capgemini, and I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and contribute to the organization’s success.


At redWEB, I had the opportunity to work as a Backend Developer and Team Lead for redSHOP – an e-commerce platform. I was fully dedicated to the project as a core leader, analyzing every aspect of the system, its scale, solutions, and the business to make planning for the next version of it easy.

My time at redWEB allowed me to expand my technical skills in various areas, including design patterns, team management, PHPUnit, WebDrive/Codeception, and more. I became proficient in implementing these technologies in projects, which helped me solve complex problems and deliver high-quality results.

As a Team Lead, I was responsible for leading a team of developers to ensure that the project was completed to the highest standards. I mentored junior developers, conducted code reviews, and provided constructive feedback to help them grow their skills. I also created a training program for the team to learn new technologies and keep up with the latest industry trends.

One of my primary responsibilities at redWEB was to ensure that the platform was running smoothly and that any issues were resolved quickly. I took a proactive approach to problem-solving, identifying potential issues before they became significant problems and finding solutions that could be implemented quickly.

My experience as a Team Lead allowed me to develop my leadership skills further. I learned how to delegate tasks effectively, communicate with team members, manage project timelines, and coordinate with stakeholders. I also encouraged a positive team culture and ensured that everyone on the team felt supported and motivated.

In summary, my experience at redWEB was incredibly valuable, as it allowed me to develop my technical skills and leadership abilities. The opportunities that I had at redWEB helped me grow both personally and professionally, and I am grateful for the experiences that I had while working there.

Project: redSHOP

It’s an e-Commercial based on Joomla! allow user build up e-Commercial website by themself.

We also provide web development based on redSHOP


Working at JoomlArt as a Technical Support Specialist was a challenging and rewarding experience that helped me develop my skills in customer support and problem-solving. I began my role at JoomlArt at the same time as my role at Directive, and I found that my experiences at both companies complemented each other well.

As a Technical Support Specialist at JoomlArt, I was responsible for helping customers through the ticket system and forum for the company’s products. I loved the practical nature of this role, as I enjoyed searching for bugs in the products and fixing them directly without committing because of not dealing with job developer. Additionally, I was responsible for resolving errors that arose from conflicts with third-party extensions and providing suggestions to customers for their requirements, including analyzing on the real site.

One of my primary responsibilities at JoomlArt was to support customers who had purchased the company’s products. If a customer had a problem or wanted to add something to the product, I would work to solve it or send it to another team to be resolved. I found this to be a rewarding experience that allowed me to improve my skills in problem-solving and customer support.

Overall, my experience at JoomlArt provided me with valuable experience in customer support and problem-solving, and allowed me to develop my skills in searching for and fixing bugs in products. I am grateful for the experiences and skills that I gained while working at JoomlArt, and I believe that these experiences have helped me grow both personally and professionally.


Working at JomSocial as a Backend Developer and Team Lead was a challenging and rewarding experience that helped me grow both personally and professionally. As a core member of the team, I was responsible for developing the JomSocial component directly, utilizing my skills in Mercurial code management, feature analysis, and project planning.

One of my primary responsibilities at JomSocial was to analyze customer requests for new features and provide real plans for the project. This involved working closely with my colleagues to determine the feasibility and impact of new features, and making informed decisions about whether to include them in the core product or develop them as extensions. Additionally, I supported customers with specific products through the forum and support system, which helped me improve my language skills, especially in English.

As I progressed in my career at JomSocial, I took on additional responsibilities as a Team Lead. This involved researching and developing new technologies, working with my colleagues to develop project plans and timelines, and guiding team members to achieve their goals. I found this to be a challenging but rewarding experience that helped me enhance my leadership and communication skills.

Overall, my experience at JomSocial provided me with a deep understanding of backend development principles and helped me improve my skills in Mercurial code management, feature analysis, and project planning.

Additionally, my experience as a Team Lead provided me with a solid foundation for future endeavors.

Project: JomSocial – An Joomla! extension for Social Networking ( likely Facebook )


Working as a Full Stack Developer at Directive Company was a significant milestone in my career. My role at Directive included providing customer support as well as developing new features for the company’s website. This experience provided me with a unique opportunity to learn and grow in many areas of web development.

As a supporter at Directive company, I was tasked with inspecting and resolving errors on customers’ websites. This involved identifying errors that may have been caused by code extensions, conflicts with third-party extensions, or user configuration errors. I utilized my skills in Joomla!, PHP & MySQL, HTML / CSS, Javascript / jQuery to diagnose the issues and provide solutions. In addition to providing customer support, I was also responsible for developing new features for the company’s website. This experience allowed me to expand my skill set and learn new technologies. I worked closely with my colleagues to implement requirements for the company, and I was able to apply my knowledge to develop new features that enhanced the user experience.

Overall, my experience at Directive Company provided me with an opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience in customer support, and hone my skills as a full stack developer. I am grateful for the experiences and skills that I gained while working at Directive.


Working experience can be invaluable for personal and professional growth, and working with the right company can provide a wealth of opportunities for learning and development. For me, VietProtocol was that company. As the first and only Vietnamese company that I worked with, it provided me with a unique set of experiences that helped me hone my web development skills.

One of the most valuable experiences I gained while working at Vietprotocol was developing a website based on Joomla!. This involved using CSS for HTML, developing Joomla! templates from PSD, building complete websites on Joomla!, customizing templates and extensions, and working closely with designers to turn PSD design files into functional websites.

Additionally, there was no specific process for customer contact and feedback, which required me to be adaptable and flexible in my approach to working with clients. Through my experience at VietProtocol, I gained a deep understanding of web development principles and honed my skills in creating stunning and user-friendly websites. This experience provided me with a solid foundation for future endeavors and helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Kind of websites

  • Company portfolio
  • E-Commercial