Working as a Full Stack Developer at Directive Company was a significant milestone in my career. My role at Directive included providing customer support as well as developing new features for the company’s website. This experience provided me with a unique opportunity to learn and grow in many areas of web development.

As a supporter at Directive company, I was tasked with inspecting and resolving errors on customers’ websites. This involved identifying errors that may have been caused by code extensions, conflicts with third-party extensions, or user configuration errors. I utilized my skills in Joomla!, PHP & MySQL, HTML / CSS, Javascript / jQuery to diagnose the issues and provide solutions. In addition to providing customer support, I was also responsible for developing new features for the company’s website. This experience allowed me to expand my skill set and learn new technologies. I worked closely with my colleagues to implement requirements for the company, and I was able to apply my knowledge to develop new features that enhanced the user experience.

Overall, my experience at Directive Company provided me with an opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience in customer support, and hone my skills as a full stack developer. I am grateful for the experiences and skills that I gained while working at Directive.


Working experience can be invaluable for personal and professional growth, and working with the right company can provide a wealth of opportunities for learning and development. For me, VietProtocol was that company. As the first and only Vietnamese company that I worked with, it provided me with a unique set of experiences that helped me hone my web development skills.

One of the most valuable experiences I gained while working at Vietprotocol was developing a website based on Joomla!. This involved using CSS for HTML, developing Joomla! templates from PSD, building complete websites on Joomla!, customizing templates and extensions, and working closely with designers to turn PSD design files into functional websites.

Additionally, there was no specific process for customer contact and feedback, which required me to be adaptable and flexible in my approach to working with clients. Through my experience at VietProtocol, I gained a deep understanding of web development principles and honed my skills in creating stunning and user-friendly websites. This experience provided me with a solid foundation for future endeavors and helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Kind of websites

  • Company portfolio
  • E-Commercial