Working at JoomlArt as a Technical Support Specialist was a challenging and rewarding experience that helped me develop my skills in customer support and problem-solving. I began my role at JoomlArt at the same time as my role at Directive, and I found that my experiences at both companies complemented each other well.

As a Technical Support Specialist at JoomlArt, I was responsible for helping customers through the ticket system and forum for the company’s products. I loved the practical nature of this role, as I enjoyed searching for bugs in the products and fixing them directly without committing because of not dealing with job developer. Additionally, I was responsible for resolving errors that arose from conflicts with third-party extensions and providing suggestions to customers for their requirements, including analyzing on the real site.

One of my primary responsibilities at JoomlArt was to support customers who had purchased the company’s products. If a customer had a problem or wanted to add something to the product, I would work to solve it or send it to another team to be resolved. I found this to be a rewarding experience that allowed me to improve my skills in problem-solving and customer support.

Overall, my experience at JoomlArt provided me with valuable experience in customer support and problem-solving, and allowed me to develop my skills in searching for and fixing bugs in products. I am grateful for the experiences and skills that I gained while working at JoomlArt, and I believe that these experiences have helped me grow both personally and professionally.