Working at JomSocial as a Backend Developer and Team Lead was a challenging and rewarding experience that helped me grow both personally and professionally. As a core member of the team, I was responsible for developing the JomSocial component directly, utilizing my skills in Mercurial code management, feature analysis, and project planning.

One of my primary responsibilities at JomSocial was to analyze customer requests for new features and provide real plans for the project. This involved working closely with my colleagues to determine the feasibility and impact of new features, and making informed decisions about whether to include them in the core product or develop them as extensions. Additionally, I supported customers with specific products through the forum and support system, which helped me improve my language skills, especially in English.

As I progressed in my career at JomSocial, I took on additional responsibilities as a Team Lead. This involved researching and developing new technologies, working with my colleagues to develop project plans and timelines, and guiding team members to achieve their goals. I found this to be a challenging but rewarding experience that helped me enhance my leadership and communication skills.

Overall, my experience at JomSocial provided me with a deep understanding of backend development principles and helped me improve my skills in Mercurial code management, feature analysis, and project planning.

Additionally, my experience as a Team Lead provided me with a solid foundation for future endeavors.

Project: JomSocial – An Joomla! extension for Social Networking ( likely Facebook )

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